PSAI- "world's first technical training agency" in Nederland

Professional Scuba Association International (PSAI) was de eerste international erkende organisatie met trainingstandards voor extended range diving. The founder Hal Watts ontwikkelde die standaards bijna 50 jaar geleden, in een tijd dat technisch duiken nog niet bestond.

Nitrox and Advanced Gas Blender
  narcosis management                        narcosis management instructor

PSAI offers both Nitrox and Advanced Gas Blending certifications. These courses cover theory and practical application of nitrox blending and blending mixed gases, specifically trimix. While the complicated formulas necessary for gas blending are covered, this course features PSAI's exclusive nitrox and trimix blend worksheets which eliminate the need to remember and execute the various formulas, thereby minimizing the possibility of calculation errors.

Narcosis Management
narcosis management                        narcosis management instructor

PSAI Narcosis Management training, the best in the world, has you perform only the underwater skills that relate to the actual real world of diving, keeping up with Depth, Air, Time and Awareness (DATA). You must become comfortable and competent with the mental and motor skills at each training depth before training down to the next level. The training you receive in this course, which covers equipment selection and configuration, dive planning and gas management, buddy awareness and dive execution is applicable to all levels of diving. Any diver, regardless of certification level from Open Water through mixed gas closed circuit rebreather will benefit from this course. PSAI is the only agency offering Deep Air training down to 73 meters ~ (240 feet) taught in six levels. There are currently only ten instructors world wide qualified to teach to level VI. Level I 30m (100'), Level II 40m (130'), Level III 46m (150'), Level IV 55m (180'), Level V 61m (200'), Level VI 73m (240')

Advanced Nitrox
advanced nitrox                        advanced nitrox instructor

PSAI´s Advanced Nitrox is the entry course into technical diving. Advanced Nitrox continues on from the Nitrox course, introducing the diver to the use of up to and including 100% oxygen for enhanced safety stops. The use of a single stage cylinder is also introduced. While the limit is 150 feet (46m) and no required stops, the groundwork is laid and skill development begins for more advanced and aggressive dive profiles.

Extended Range Nitrox
extended ranged nitrox                       extended ranged instructor 

With more recreational dives choosing to experience new diving environments, there has been an increased demand for products that can meet the needs of diving in different climates. The availability of affordable dry suits and improved wet suit construction has led more divers into colder and longer exposures. Many divers have expressed the desire for additional exposure protection for their faces in these circumstances. The full face mask can be used to provide this protection. The full face mask also offers the opportunity to use underwater communication systems.

trimix                      trimix instructor

PSAI Trimix certification consists of three levels. Initial (level 1) Trimix certification presents the foundational information upon which the successive courses are based. It has a depth limit of 61m (200´) and trimix blends of no less than 18% oxygen. Expedition Trimix expands on the foundation previously laid and through in water practical application the diver's depth range is increased to 73m (240´). Finally, Explorer Trimix will certify a diver to explore to depths Of 100m (330´)

Advanced Wreck
advanced wreck                       advanced wreck instructor

This is not you average Wreck Diving Course. This challenging course covers full wreck penetration techniques, safety, planning, line & reel techniques, equipment configuration and much more of what is needed for proper wreck penetration dives.

Boat Diving

The PSAI Boat Diving Specialty Course educates divers on such areas as types of boats for diving, boat terminology, what to look for when chartering a dive boat, boat safety, and proper boat diving techniques & etiquette for scuba divers.


PSAI shop

PSAI has on on line store to buy your ‘hard materials’ like shirts, hats, bags and a lot of other PSAI marked gadgets, you ‘ll find it here:

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